Our Essential Travel Apps

Four months of full-time travel in SEA and these are the apps that have been making our life easier:

  • Trail Wallet – this is an expense and budget tracker which we use every day. It was created by digital nomads so it suits our needs perfectly.
  • Evernote – I use this to make our pack lists, to-do lists, sightseeing lists, shopping lists, and to keep research notes on our destinations.
  • TripIt – this is brilliant for tracking a self-booked itinerary if you’re a DIYer like me and don’t use travel agents.
  • Rome2Rio – we use this to work out how to get from Point A to Point B. It will list air travel and land travel options and rough expense and time-frame for each. I have this as an app on my iPhone but I also use their website.
  • Skyscanner – after checking Rome2Rio if air would be the best option, we use Skyscanner to find the best airfare.
  • Grab & Uber – we use these as a cheaper alternative to taxis. As a family of 5 it’s often the cheapest way to get around, especially if they have a deal on sometimes our ride is free. We often find Grab cheaper and more reliable than Uber in Asia, but use both.
  • AirBnB – even though they are in my bad books after a poor experience in Kuala Lumpur I sometimes have a look to see if there is a good deal. But right now, we’re happy with a Thai guesthouse we found on Agoda…
  • Agoda – this is my go-to for accommodation in Asia, they sometimes come out cheaper than AirBnB listings (without the extra hassle!).
  • Google Maps – I think this is fairly self-explanatory 😉
  • Google Translate – this can be such a lifesaver sometimes! Especially with non-Latin script and the camera function – it will translate it on the screen for you. It’s not perfect, but it gives you the gist enough to get by.
  • xe Currency – currency converter app

A couple of my personal favourites are:

  • App In The Air – it markets itself as a flight assistant which is a handy feature, but I like that it tracks my flight record (where I’ve flown to, in which planes, how far, etc).
  • Polarsteps – another travel tracker. This works in the background and tracks everywhere I visit, not just airports.

Honourable mentions:

  • WikiCamps – this was essential when we caravanned throughout Australia (2013-2017).
  • Vayable – a share-economy style set up for tours. I’d probably use this if I was travelling alone or as a couple.
  • EatWithMe – same as above but where you dine with locals.
  • Couchsurfing – this would be a good alternative to AirBnB as a single or a couple.

If you have a travel app or website that you have found useful on your travels, tell us about it!

6 thoughts on “Our Essential Travel Apps”

  1. super interesting. We are big fans of Uber – i didnt realize airbnb had an app. The plane one is interesting… just fun to keep track of what type of plane you have traveled on?

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    1. Yeah App in the Air tracks all kind of stuff! Which planes, but also which airports, how far I’ve travelled/how many hours, which airlines, and keeps track of my loyalty program points. It gives me notices if my gate has changed as well. It’s not essential, but it’s nifty 🙂


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