Write For You


I like to take my time to wordsmith a piece that I am happy with, taking several passes to edit it until I’m satisfied. If you enjoy my writing and would like me to write content for your blog that you will be pleased with, please contact me. With a firm grasp on the rules of English grammar, excellent spelling, a broad vocabulary, and an appreciation for the Oxford comma, I am also available to assist with editing & proofreading to ensure that you, too, are satisfied with your final piece.


Before you’re ready to hit publish, have me run an eye over your blog post to correct any superficial errors in spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and formatting.


Editing allows me to take a deeper look at your writing – at how your information and ideas are presented – with the focus being on making changes that make your article easier to understand, be better organized, and more suitable for your audience. Because editing is an essential part of formulating a coherent piece, it occurs multiple times throughout the writing process, so please allow time. All the steps involved in proofreading are included.

Please contact me for a quote: linn.kelly@gmail.com